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Public Health Reporting Action Needed within First 60 Days of MU Reporting Period

To meet MU Objective 10 in Stage 2, Eligible Providers (EPs) must actively engage with two public health registries within the first 60 days of their MU reporting period. Illinois sponsors several registries for EPs that may apply to your practice: The Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (ICARE), the Illinois Syndromic Surveillance System (ISSS), the Illinois Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ILPMP), and the Illinois State Cancer Registry (ISCR).

How do I begin active engagement with Illinois public health registries?
Active engagement usually begins with registration of intent to participate:

  • Visit the Meaningful Use Registration System (MURS) within the first 60 days of your 2017 MU reporting period
  • Select “Start” at the bottom of the screen
  • Select one or more public health reporting registry options and enter information about your practice
  • Make sure you receive and maintain a MURS confirmation email for your registration

In order to maintain compliance with active engagement, you must respond to any request from the registry to move forward with onboarding, testing, and sending data within 30 days.

Are there other registry options?
To see options that are not sponsored by Illinois but may apply to your practice, visit this link for a list of CMS-approved registries.

What if I already registered intent in MURS or with a non-Illinois public health registry?
You do not need to re-register. Registration of intent is enough to meet a public health reporting measure until the registry sends you a request to move forward with onboarding, testing, and sending data.

What if I am already onboarding, testing or sending data to a public health registry?
You are meeting active engagement and do not need to register intent to participate.

If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk:

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